Much to my horror, the Greek islands have largely gone un-noded, so here we go. Included is a list of the main Greek islands, all but two of which I have visited at least once. Greece has many islands in the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas and the Saronic Gulf. Many of these are tiny, and uninhabited, and I don't even know if they all have names. I've noded the ones that you can actually get to with commercial travel. If you want to sail around, and explore all the tiny islands, then that's something else. Each island will, eventually, be linked to it's own node where I'll explain the relevant historical points, as well as what each island has to offer to tourists. So, without further ado:

The separate island wus are adaptations of Matt Barrett's online Greek travel guide ( I am adapting them with my own experiences, and he has been made aware of this. A copy of Matt's email to me is available at

I originally noded them all in alphabetical order, but then decided to do them by group, so here's the revised list of Greek islands:



Ionian Sea

NE Aegean

Saronic Gulf


the "Big Islands"

Ports (or how to get to the islands)

Note: you can fly to many islands, but I prefer the boat trip..even the overnight ones are fun and affordable; the Mediterranean was meant to be sailed, not flown over.

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