Expensive, decadent, and fun for gays, staight people and familes too. Intense nightlife with clubs that never stop, and if you can't handle it there are frequent boats to escape to other less wild islands. For a little culture there are trips to the uninhabited ancient island of Delos and the extensive ruins there. Plenty of excellent if not crowded beaches but people don't come to Mykonos to escape but to party and people-watch. Bring money and credit cards. Ferry trip is about 5 hours from Pireaus and three from Rafina. Catamarans and Dolphins do it in half the time. Easy connections to Syros, Tinos with several ferries a day. Also daily connections to Paros, Naxos, Ios, Santorini, Andros and other islands during the summer. Also less frequent connections to Sifnos, Samos, Ikaria, the Dodecanese, Crete and Thessaloniki. There is also an international airport.

    Mykonos is easily one of the biggest islands among the tourists. Think of what Florida has become, and you will get an idea. However, it is a beatiful island, and the purists should not avoid it simply because it is a major tourist attraction. The island of Delos is worth the trip, and is cool becasue you can "get lost" from the rest of the group, and spend the night on an uninhabited island, surrouned by the ruins of ancient civilization. The weather is warm, and you can stay up late drinking wine and wandering around the moonlit ruins, and watch the sun rise over the Aegean; not too shabby. The next day, the next boatload of tourists will arive, and you can slip into that group, and got back to Mykonos with them. Mykonos has a large gay community, or rather, it is the summer hangout of choice for gays in Greece (both tourist and native). The nightlife is unending and absolutely fun. You have to like crowds, and enjoy meeting strangers to really get a sense of Mykonos. If you are female, there will be no shortage of Greek Lovers trying to woo you. It is popular with first time American teenage tourists, as they are still getting used to the fact that there is no drinking age in Greece, so you can stroll down the beach with a bottle of wine and a few good friends. <sigh>.../me misses home. All in all, worth the trip.

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