Goya Foods is a corporation that makes pretty much everything. They are essentially a producer of generic food brands for the Caribbean, including beans, rice, sodas and other drinks, and who know what else. They make Sofrito, which, I gather, is a kind of Spanish tomato sauce, that is very delicious on huevos rancheros.

My main reason for writing this is my appreciation (or possibly obsession) for their wide range of sodas. They make a certain concoction known as Cola Champange, which doesn't taste like Cola or Champange, but nontheless is very very good. The closest I can describe it is as cream soda, but it's really not like that at all. It's available in at least parts of the US. I live in Baltimore, and it's available occasionally at the local Superfresh. I highly recommend you pick up a bottle. Most of the Goya sodas are very sweet (many would find too sweet), but Cola Champagne is not in that category.

Flavors of Goya Soda include:

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