This is one of my patented easy meal ideas. Enjoy! :)

GOYA rice with chicken

1-2 chicken breasts (I like a lot of meat)
1 Red pepper
1 Green pepper
1 Large Onion
1 Clove of garlic
1 Box of GOYA rice with red beans

Start cooking the GOYA rice. This takes 25 minutes so during that time we will make the chicken.

Cut up the Onion and the pepper into strips and cut the chicken into strips too. Crush the garlic. Remove as much fat from the chicken as possible. In a pan add a little oil and heat it up. Add the chicken, pepper, onion, and the garlic. Saute this over medium heat until the chicken is done and the peppers and onion are a little soft. You can spice this up with whatever you want i usually use some fresh basil, salt, and fresh crushed black peper. (Fresh black pepper is 39807120987144 times better then canned black pepper)

By this time the rice should be done. Make a bed of the rice and beans and serve the chicken over it. Very Mexican very easy very tasty!

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