Note: This recipe I created by winging it, so most of the quantities here are approximate. All brands mentioned are just the stuff I buy and I'm sure they can be replaced with any other brand.


  • Crumble beef in a large frying pan. Cook throughly and drain fat. Add seasoning liberally to the meat.
  • Add entire can of beans and mix with meat.
  • Add salsa.
  • Add cheese and mix.
  • The tricky part: if the dip is too runny, add more cheese. If it's too stringy, add more salsa.
Serve as a dip with white corn chips, or as a meal with soft tortillas. This should serve 3-4 people as a meal. Good reheated too.

Here is an equally quick and dirty bean dip. I was hungry one night, there was no food in the house, and I'm perpetually broke - so I made this. It's actually reasonably filling when eaten with some soft flour tortillas, such as those made by the Santa Fe Tortilla Company.



  1. Heat the beans in a large saucepan on a burner, medium-high heat. Now is a good time toss some tortillas in the oven, if you're going that route.
  2. Shred some cheese
  3. After the beans are hot and sort of semi-liquid, put them in a big bowl (remember to turn off the stove!). Add the cheese; stir it around so it gets good and melted.
  4. Now mix some salsa and/or sofrito in, and a big splash of Cholula (or if you're me, 5 or 6 big splashes).
  5. Finally stir in a bunch of lime juice. You want to make sure it stays fairly solid (letting the beans cool a bit will help), but other than that, more is better in this case.


Note: Pretty much all of this is optional. I haven't been paid in three weeks, and I'm finding that just beans, lime juice, and Cholula is a pretty decent meal.

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