Go Nagai is one of the most well-known animators in Japan, and one of the most controversial. He has written an extremely diverse array of anime and manga series, touching nearly every major genre and subgenre.

He started writing manga in 1967, and had some degree of success until 1972, when two of his works, Devilman and Cutey Honey, became smash hits. Those two continue to be his best-known works to this day. He has continued writing since, and produced many diverse works. Most of the anime shows he writes have graphic depictions of violence, gratuitous nudity, and/or sex, although few, if any, would be called hentai.

Go Nagai has founded an association of companies around the world, to better exploit the marketing possibilities of his own creations. The Japanese branch is named Dynamic Planning, and the entire association is collectively referred to as either Dynamic Visions or Dynamic Planning-Plex, depending on who you ask.

A partial list of his best works:

Thanks to VAG for pointing out Go Nagai's connection to Dynamic, in all of its various forms.

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