A little known 80's Japanese anime cartoon. Dubbed for American Beta/VHS release, it was a standard cartoon of five guys, big robots, and an evil guy they use the big robots to fight. Most notably, this series allowed the robots to actually become damaged, with the main robot losing an arm in the second episode in an undersea base.

Part of the 'Force Five' syndication package of dubbed anime shows (also including Danguard Ace,Gaiking,Spaceketeers, and Grandizer), aired in American syndication in the early 80's.

Starvengers was a 'translation' of Getta Robo G, the sequel to the original Getta Robo created by Ken Ishikawa and Go Nagai, the creator of Cutey Honey and Devilman.

The basic plot was fairly simple, and the characters mapped onto the five-archetype team easily. Professor Copernicus (the mentor) created the Omicron Generator (the McGuffin), a source of nigh-limitless energy. Emperor Ranzort (the villain) of the Pandemonium Empire wants the Generator, and sends a steady stream of evil-robots-of-the-week to get it. Fortunately, the Professor has also created a very toyetic group of three jets that can combine into three different giant robots. The jets are piloted by Homer Winthrow (the leader), Paladin Spencer (the rebel), and 'Foul Tip' (the Fat Guy). Professor Copernicus' daughter, Ceres (the Girl) provides moral support and mid-air refueling; her younger brother, Joey (the shrimp) acts as comedy relief.

Be sure to look for Colonel Fuhrer on the bad guys' side; he defies description without tempting Godwin's Law.

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