Kekko Kamen (Japanese for "Beautiful Mask") is a bizarre comedy series by master anime artist, Go Nagai. It's been translated and released in the USA by AD Vision.

Mayumi Takahashi is a somewhat naive (and extremely well-built) teenager. She's attending a school gone horribly wrong. The teachers prowl the halls in masks, the hall monitors are armed, and the detention hall looks like a torture chamber. Mayumi has been voted Least Likely to Survive by her classmates, and it looks like they're right... except for one thing nobody counted on. Mayumi has a defender - Kekko Kamen, a sexy woman dressed in red boots, gloves and a mask... and nothing else. Armed with nunchaku and her unusual martial arts skills (her finishing move is usually grinding her crotch into her enemy's face), she defends Mayumi from her depraved schoolmates and teachers.

If this sounds sick and depraved, you'd be right... if it weren't for the fact the whole show is done in an extremely tongue-in-cheek fashion, and doesn't even take itself seriously. It's a farcical send-up of the whole "costumed crimefighter" genre, and is written with flair and style, as only Go Nagai can manage.

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