a character in the neal stephenson book cryptonomicon. goto-san is a nipponese soldier who evades death multiple times during the course of the story. his character grew up in hokkaido, where he learned from his father a great deal about tunnels and mining. throughout much of the book he wrestles with the belief that he is neither a good soldier nor a good nipponese citizen, because he has no honor, or, more specifically, because instead of taking one of the many opportunities presented him to give his life for the emperor, he selfishly attempts to save the lives of himself and whomever else happens to be with him at the time.

in the end of the story he reunites with his old friend bobby shaftoe, whom he first met in shanghai, converts to christianity, and becomes the protege of general douglas macarthur. he shows up in the portion of the book set in the present as an old man who owns a successful engineering firm and ends up deciding to assist epiphyte(2) in excavating golgotha, which he designed and built during world war ii to hide gold stolen by the axis powers.

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