Glider Pro is a playful video game for the Macintosh in which one guides a paper airplane around a house full of hazards, prizes, and all-important blowers. Since a paper airplane is a glider -- it has no source of thrust -- your craft is entirely dependent on blowers, thermals, fans, and other sources of wind to stay aloft.

Hazards in the game include obstacles, including walls, cabinetry, and the floor; balloons and bouncing balls; jumping fish and popping toasters; paper shredders; and the like. Prizes include clocks, stars, and various kinds of powerups -- rubber bands which permit you to shoot balloons; aluminum foil which gives you armor; and so forth.

Some would call Glider Pro an excessively cute game, due to the preponderance of bouncy music, teddy bears, Ozma posters, and other decor. It is unusual, perhaps, for being more or less nonviolent, unless one regards the popping of balloons with rubber bands to be violent.

Glider Pro includes a level editor that lets you design your own houses. Since it is a proper Macintosh game, you can also create additional graphics or objects, inserting their images into the level file with ResEdit.

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