Powerful commercial MP3 player and encoder for the Mac. Among its features are a highly customizable and intuitive interface, fast and clean encoding, simple playlist editing, automatic CDDB lookup for playing CDs and encoding, a decent equalizer, streaming capability, and support for many wonderful plugins such as WhiteCap and G-Force. The most recent version of SoundJam is 2.5.3.

Currently, SoundJam is my favorite player on any platform, although AudioCatalyst is a superior encoder. A free version with fewer features is available. Casady & Greene maintains a website at http://www.soundjam.com.

Recently, Casady & Greene has made public their intention to cease development on a Mac OS X version of SoundJam, effectively pissing off thousands of users who now must choose between their favorite MP3 player and favorite OS. Apparently, Apple has bought the source code (along with the lead programmer) to create iTunes, which, while servicable, is no SoundJam.

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