"Historical" neighbourhood in Vancouver primarily geared towards selling things with maple leafs on them to tourists for too much money. Adjacent to the Downtown Eastside, but it hires enough security guards to be able to pretend that it isn't. Lots of movies are being shot here.

Worth seeing if you're in Gastown:

(1)The hideous monument to "Gassy Jack" Deighton; the fist settler of the region and arguably the father of Vancouver.

(2) The Gastown Steam Clock, a 2-ton contraption of steam vents, clockwork engines, and brass which givesoff an other-worldly whistle clearly audible for many blocks ever 1/4 of an our.

(3) The Old Spaghetti Factory. Though they have many branches throughout Canada, the Gastown location may be the classiest. Besides, any restaurant which offers infinite free fresh-baked bread and garlic butter to all customers is okay by me.

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