for grundoon

GammaGirl Gamma Girl
Nothing can slow her down
GammaGirl GammaGirl
Beating every bad guy with Sound

(and Radiation)

GammaGirl GammaGirl
She glows bright blue
GammaGirl GammaGirl
Stopping evil people’s cosmic voodoo

I’ve heard from various sources:

(some might even be true)

Thought to teach cats their place
His kitty boarding school
Taught them how to drool
GammaGirl showed up one fateful night
And taught all them, er, those cats to fight

Simulacron had a plan
To illegally translate the language of lambs
But GammaGirl’s fish alerted her to danger
And she saved the world like a, uh, lamb ranger

GhettoAardvark stole the soul of Rap
Like Carmen Sandiego after a brilliant building kidnap
GammaGirl flew to his underground lair
And proved to be a mad beat sayer

shaogo sought to smite the Smurfs
With gangsters from Aardvark’s turf
But GammaGirl with eyes of lasers
Smote shaogo with Star Trek phasers

TenMinJoe stubbed his toe
In an evil plot to bring back Poe
GammaGirl sent Poe and the offending toe
… er… threatening letters

mauler stole the Queen’s rubies
And forced her to watch movies
In an attempt to discover her receipt for smoothies
Little did he know
GammaGirl was coming to the show!

lizardinlaw’s mutant Walrus attacked the Circus
her medical license could do more than cure pus
(so it seems)
All the tightrope acts were about to be kaput!
Luckily GammaGirl broke that Walrus with her foot

drownzsurf conspidered with gangs to sercure his turf
And broiled alive obnoxious little smurfs
until GammaGirl broke his nose
Now the gangsters think he poses!

So, you see, everybody says:

Gammagirl Gammagirl
Nothing can slow her down
Showing you to the Lost & Found

(and old ladies across the street)

GammaGirl GammaGirl
She glows bright blue
GammaGirl GammaGirl
Making sure the future is safe for you!

Want to be part of the GammaGirl saga? Message me and I’ll create an unbalanced bit of doggerel. But you’ll be a villain. And you won’t win.

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