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1 Metro City Chronicles (fiction) Jet-Poop writeup
2 Fine Structure (fiction) sam512 writeup
3 I remember when it was me who made you want to take over the world and enslave humanity   e2node
4 Aquaman Dance Party (thing) Orange Julius writeup
5 Better than kicking him into next week (fiction) Pandeism Fish writeup
6 Bridgeborough, New Jersey (place) Zach writeup
7 Completely implausible circumstances, even by comic book standards (idea) kasuma writeup
8 GammaGirl   e2node
9 GammaGirl, Nothing can slow her down   e2node
10 God complex (fiction) Sidius writeup
11 The Great Gamma Ray Comic Book Script Quest   e2node
12 different (fiction) Rainey writeup
13 Heroes in business suits (fiction) icefire writeup
14 I have to fight the urge to become a superhero (idea) doomyeti writeup
15 I have to fight the urge to become a supervillain (idea) allseeingeye writeup
16 I saw Captain America (idea) Korgath writeup
17 Kiss your pants goodbye, Evil One! (fiction) Jet-Poop writeup
18 Late For Prom starring Megaman (thing) atriumjake writeup
19 Offered: Supervillain minions   e2node
20 The one thing Superman was bad at (fiction) Pandeism Fish writeup
21 The Singularity (fiction) Transitional Man writeup
22 the tequilas, the vodkas, the whiskeys with lime (fiction) Stuart writeup
23 Thermodynamic miracle (fiction) The Custodian writeup
24 Wanted: Supervillain minions   e2node
25 Where Have All the Giant Radioactive Lizards Gone? (idea) Slidewell writeup
26 Absorber (fiction) Pandeism Fish writeup
27 Bulongsky (fiction) Pandeism Fish writeup
28 Damn it, I'm a Superhero! (fiction) Uberbanana writeup
29 Tempora Mutantur Robots (fiction) Uberbanana writeup
30 In-duction (fiction) Uberbanana writeup
31 Jaywalking is not a superpower (fiction) Pandeism Fish writeup
32 New Rourke Unmasked (idea) Uberbanana writeup
33 The Bat Man (fiction) Pandeism Fish writeup
34 Von Wicked Chronicles   category
35 Philosophus Stone and the Sound of Terror! (fiction) mjijm writeup
36 January 2, 2015 (fiction) teleny writeup
37 The Epic Epic of Erik 'The Epic' Killblood (fiction) Erik Killblood writeup
38 Union Dues (thing) Dustyblue writeup
39 Moses: The Chronicles of Harriet Tubman (review) Jet-Poop writeup
40 Sphere of influence (person) gate writeup
41 lost and found (review) Tem42 writeup
42 Dreadnought (review) Jet-Poop writeup
43 The Refrigerator Monologues (review) Jet-Poop writeup
44 Wearing the Cape (review) Jet-Poop writeup
45 Pinnacle City (review) Tem42 writeup
46 Ward (thing) Dustyblue writeup
47 Captain Underpants (review) Tem42 writeup
48 Spider-Man: Wanted: Dead or Alive (review) Glowing Fish writeup
49 jumper (review) Tem42 writeup
50 Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press (fiction) gate writeup

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