Below is an alphabetical list of comic book fiction on E2:

Aquaman Dance Party
The Bat Man
Better than kicking him into next week
Bridgeborough, New Jersey
completely implausible circumstances, even by comic book standards
Damn it, I'm a Superhero!
Down and Out in Gotham City
The downside of having superpowers
Everyone wants to have sex with Batman
Fine Structure
GammaGirl, Nothing can slow her down
God complex
Good Grief, Charlie Brown
The Great Gamma Ray Comic Book Script Quest
Heroes in business suits
How I did not become a super-hero
I have to fight the urge to become a superhero
I have to fight the urge to become a supervillain
I remember when it was me who made you want to take over the world and enslave humanity (First story in "The Von Wicked Chronicles" series)
I saw Captain America
I will shit in your DREAMS
The Jackal: Episode One: A Hero Has Risen, And She Demands Worker's Comp
Jaywalking is not a superpower
Johnny Canuck, the Fightin' Canadian
Johnny Canuck, the Fightin' Canadian in "Rendezvous with Danger!"
Kiss your pants goodbye, Evil One!
Late For Prom starring Megaman
Metro City Chronicles
New Rourke Unmasked
Offered: Supervillain Minions
Omni-Beam Goggles
Omni-Blast Gauntlets
The one thing Superman was bad at
Pinnacle City
She breaks hearts almost as often as she breaks the speed of sound
The Singularity
soar winner
the tequilas, the vodkas, the whiskeys with lime
Thermodynamic miracle
Tinker's Damn
Wanted: Supervillain minions
Where Have All the Giant Radioactive Lizards Gone?

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