The fourth album in a series of compilations released by Australian radio station Triple J's metal show called the Three Hours Of Power. It's a great album for those who like a little bit of everything with regards to their metal tastes and with two CDs of good metal it represents excellent value at the same time. The quality of the tracks varies from excellent (eg. Slipknot, Type O Negative, Alchemist, Fear Factory, Machine Head) to not so great (I personally found Emporer's Curse All You Men to be practically unlistenable and the inelegant thrash contributed by Sakkuth and Crypt were really not my cup of tea). Many independent and relatively unknown artists to go with popular tracks from metal heavyweights Slipknot, Coal Chamber and Machine Head. Patriotic Australian metallers will enjoy tracks from (the sadly now-defunct) Henry's Anger, Superheist, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dreadnaught, Alchemist and Segression. A veritable smörgåsbord of metal.

Personal Favourites:

Track List:

CD 1

  1. Henry's Anger - Personality Test
  2. Slipknot - Surfacing
  3. Superheist - Pulse
  4. Queens Of The Stone Age - Regular John
  5. Cryogenic - Fall On
  6. Phial - Undone
  7. Witchery - Demonication
  8. Coal Chamber - Tragedy
  9. Thumlock - Starquake
  10. In:Extremis - Skin Machine
  11. Dreadnaught - The Game
  12. Pod People - Goin' South
  13. Type O Negative - Everyone I Love Is Dead
  14. Truth Corroded - Remove The Face
  15. Nebula - Full Throttle
  16. Alarum - Realization
  17. Post Life Disorder - Dawn Of A New Madness

CD 2

  1. Alchemist - Escape From The Black Hole
  2. Fear Factory - Resurrection
  3. Rollerball - Lost In Space
  4. Segression - The Thickening
  5. Bruce Dickenson - Book Of Thel
  6. Sakkuth - Time And Sweet Nectar
  7. Nazkul - Vow Of Vengeance
  8. Anthrax - Inside Out
  9. Scalene - Borderlines
  10. Amen - Drive
  11. Naiad - I'll Please Me
  12. Crypt - Twisted And Demented
  13. Emporer - Curse You All Men
  14. Machine Head - From This Day
  15. Seven - Grind
  16. Buff Tundrel - Home In Hell

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