The place where law students in Oslo hang out. It's located in the basement of Domus Aula, in downtown Oslo. It's a kjeller.

Managed by the students themeselves, this is a friendly and laid-back place to hang out. On weekdays, except thursday and friday, there are activites such as Trivial Pursuit cup, meetings, and a pub. Thursday and friday are party days, with a band or a DJ.

The beer is cheap (22 NOK before 20:00, 28 after), so the rule is that every student from the law faculty can only bring one friend because the place is wildly popular.

Update I

This place is now closed for good. The faculty leaders closed it to make a IT-room. Fucking dolts.

Update II

Frokostkjelleren has reopened, but now at the less-cool building Domus Pereferia. The new place is a bit more trendy, but doesn't have the German bier halle feeling from the old Frokostkjelleren. Gone are the roman arches and the wooden benches. In comes the new semi-trendy couches and retro-60'ies wall paintings. But the beer is still cheap.

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