Flameboy is a cartoon character that is used extensively by World Industries. He is generally used as a marketing tool on T-shirts, skateboards, wallets, and other other merchandise because he is cute, and yet still has some rebel edge because he is made of flame, and a friend of the Devil Man.

Flameboy's appearance is original, and yet classic. He looks like a small flame with arms and legs, and a smirking face. Keep in mind that he has no body, and appears to be just a head with extremities.

Below is a terrible ASCII likeness.

                  /  |
                /      \
              /          \
            /              \
          /       .   .      \
        |                      |
        |       \___/      |
             __|| ||__
           /___| |___\

Flameboy's origin is hazy, but from the "comics" put out by the company, he was once a small child. As a living child, he was a pyromaniac, and would soak kittens in gasoline and light 'em up. Then, one day, he soaked himself in gasoline ("leaded, of course," says Devil Man) and became a walking flame. Since suicide is a sin, he went immediately to hell.

Flameboy currently just hangs out with Devil Man and his archenemy is Wet Willy, who coincidentally would bear a striking resemblance to Flameboy, if he weren't made of holy water.

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