One who is deeply fascinated by watching things burn and/or fire in general.


A Quake Team Fortress Class

The Pyro is a medium speed, well armored class. He can wear a maximum of 150 yellow armor. He uses the axe, the shotgun, the flamethrower, and the incendiary cannon. His grenade types are Hand and Napalm. A good support class, the Pyro often finds it hard to kill enemies on his own. Given time, most enemies burn to death, but in that time the Pyro's probably been killed. Due to his ability to knock chunks off the enemy, the Pyro is a great first line of defense. Any enemy getting past him will almost certainly be half dead.


The flamethrower is a good close range weapon. Anyone hit by it takes damage and catches on fire. The more times they are hit by the flamethrower, the more they'll burn. It uses cells for ammo.

Incendiary Cannon:

The incendiary cannon looks and works like a standard rocket launcher, albeit with a slightly longer reload time, and the rockets travel slower. When the incendiary rocks explode, they do a little damage to everyone in their area-of-effect, and then sets them on fire. Good for clearing out sniper nests. It uses 3 rockets per shot.

Other Stuff:

The Pyro starts with Asbestos armor, giving him extra protection against fire.
I have my own chilling tale of pyromaniacy:

I walked into my parents bathroom as a child and my brother (the older one) was
spraying lysol on the counter. That seemed normal at first, but as I continued to watch,
he did not stop. He kept sprayng until a large puddle had formed (since the counter was concave). He
lit a match he had took from the kitchen and threw it down on the counter, and suddenly our
bathroom was ablaze! Fortunately it stayed within the bounds of the puddle, but he
didn't keep it that way much longer. He the can of lysol again and sprayed it into the
fire then pulled back and made a trail of flame in the air! I
watched in amazement as my dad kicked his ass later.
Well, I had a Chemistry teacher once who claimed that "There's a little pyromaniac in all of us." I lived in Texas at the time, and he, as well as being a good ol' boy, was a pyromaniac in all due fashion. He taught at our high school across the hall from a woman who had had a class with him in college. When they were lab partners, he had reportedly, 'accidentally burned' her on several occasions.

Nothing really bad had happened to her, but the fact that he had burn marks on the ceiling above his classroom, coupled with the fact that he admitted to having burned holes in his clothes during class, compounded by the fact that he would sometimes get big chunks of pure sodium, and toss them in a bucket of water during class, was indicative of his mental state (i.e. Pyromaniac). He was a lot of fun too.

When I was in junior high, I picked up this habit of stealing things from chain stores such as Riteaid and Safeway. I would steal these items only to set them on fire afterward. I obtained the nickname Cleptopyro because of this.

It was a ritual to go to Steamers after a dance at my school. Its a sports bar/family pizza kind of place. One night, after a dance, we headed over to the Riteaid next to Steamers before they closed to buy some materials. I had some plans in mind. After our little "shopping spree," we went over to Steamers so I could brag about what I was going to do.

I boasted to my friends: "I have so much stuff on me right now, I could kick anyone's ass."
This drunk guy overheard me as he was stumbling to his car with his friends and promptly stumbled over to me. He picked me up by the neck and threw me against the wall. I couldn't touch the ground and he was too far away to kick with my all-mighty paratroopers. I'm short, so my kick doesn't reach very far at all. "Think you're tough, do you? Let's see you kick my ass now." He laughed.

So, I went for Plan B. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my bic lighter. I set his arm hairs on fire. He reacted by releasing me. Yay, I could breathe again. He went to punch me but his friends, who had been gawking at us the whole time, held him back and dragged him away.

I am probably lucky they pulled him back. My ass would've been grass. He wasn't extremely big or anything, but if he can lift me up with one arm so that I'm not touching the ground? In any case, I started laughing at him. He looked pissed that he was defeated by a bic lighter.

All the while, the other kids from the junior high had eventually migrated over to Steamers. There were at least 20 kids out front who witnessed this. They just stared with their jaws dropped. Some of my friends were around, too. They just stared, as well. That's what friends are for, I guess.

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