A Quake Team Fortress Class

The Pyro is a medium speed, well armored class. He can wear a maximum of 150 yellow armor. He uses the axe, the shotgun, the flamethrower, and the incendiary cannon. His grenade types are Hand and Napalm. A good support class, the Pyro often finds it hard to kill enemies on his own. Given time, most enemies burn to death, but in that time the Pyro's probably been killed. Due to his ability to knock chunks off the enemy, the Pyro is a great first line of defense. Any enemy getting past him will almost certainly be half dead.


The flamethrower is a good close range weapon. Anyone hit by it takes damage and catches on fire. The more times they are hit by the flamethrower, the more they'll burn. It uses cells for ammo.

Incendiary Cannon:

The incendiary cannon looks and works like a standard rocket launcher, albeit with a slightly longer reload time, and the rockets travel slower. When the incendiary rocks explode, they do a little damage to everyone in their area-of-effect, and then sets them on fire. Good for clearing out sniper nests. It uses 3 rockets per shot.

Other Stuff:

The Pyro starts with Asbestos armor, giving him extra protection against fire.