A childhood prank, unpleasant cousin to the wedgie. Performed by licking your finger and sticking it into the victim's ear.

Wet willies are the toddler precursor to swirlies and wedgies. If pranks were insects, this one is the mosquito of the prank world.

Some devillish youth licks his finger and leaves it sloppy. Then, when someone least expects it, he plunges toward the unsuspecting person's ear, and drives his sopping wet finger home. Most often accompanied by a shrill scream and instant covering of the ears.

Wet Willy is one of the cartoon heroes that World Industries uses to push its skateboards on kids around the world.

Wet Willy is a blob of holy water that has arms and legs. In the center of the drip is a smiling face. He is characteristically seen smiling and giving the peace sign with one of his gloved hands.

In the "comic" in which he was introduced, Wet Willy was seen skating a halfpipe with Jesus. They were verbally assaulted by Devil Man and Flameboy, who were hanging around the same ramp. Devil Man, was about to hit the little guy, when he revealed that he was made of holy water, and would kill the Devil if he touched him. Thus a rivalry was born.

Below is a terrible ASCII image of Wet Willy. You can see the striking resemblance to Flameboy, except flameboy is made of, you guessed it, fire. His arms have been omitted to simplify the image.

                  /  |
                /      \
              /          \
            /              \
          /       .   .      \
        |                      |
        |       \___/      |
             __|| ||__
           /___| |___\

Wet Willy currently hangs out with God's only Begotten Son, and tries to kill Flameboy, his arch enemy.

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