Flame of hope

I was inspired to write this poem by a film I saw on Sunday night called "Nagisa no Shindobaddo (Like grains of sand)". However there are only two things in this poem that have similarities to the film; the names of the boy and girl (Yoshida and Aihara) and their scene on the beach (near Aihara's hometown). If you have watched the film and are cursing me for leaving out Ito I'm sorry. The dialogue in this poem is a variation on what was really said on the beach with the following exceptions:
  • Yoshida and Aihara are face to face (instead of the proxy performance by Ito with Aihara behind the rocks).
  • Aihara was never raped, instead her reluctance to get into a relationship is from a previous bad experience. Well I did say there were only two things in this poem that bore similarity to the film.
  • Ito is no where to be seen *ducks*
  • I use a sledgehammer to hammer home the emotions (they're far more subtle in the film).
If you've watched the film you will recognised certain parts of rehashed dialogue in between my own (dialogue). I'm sorry if I keep harking on about the dialogue because at the same time while I want to distance myself with the original I also want to credit parts that I have used. Pah! While we're on the subject of accuracy *sheepish grin*. Can I make another confession? I may have mispelt the names. Sorry!

Yoshida regarded me tearfully and said, 

"Aihara I love you,"
"there is no other that I hold above you".

To which I looked upon him with most critical eyes,
those cursed three words far too often were lies.

After a pause - I sighed, 
after which I replied.

"Yoshida would you love me were I not a girl but a boy".
To test his measure of love, to check if it were just a toy.

He asked why I posed such questions,
as if suggestions - to his sexuality,
were being called into doubt,
I bit my lip softly to silence my pout.

I demanded to know if I was just an object of his desire,
"Yoshida! Answer me quick!",
"For the flames of hope are about to expire."

"Am I merely yours - to be groped on,
and roped into your lustful embrace?"
"Am I merely yours - to be fucked on, and sucked on,
for if this is your love it is truely a disgrace."

And with heavy heart Yoshida spoke softly,
"Aihara my love, you've been hurt many a time,"
"your heart was broken by that uncaring swine."

Before I could resort to, 
a retort to,
he then did add,
a reply that did soften and did pad.

"Do not scorn me my dear for the mistakes of the other,"
"for your lover past is not and never will be my brother."

Finally no more words could be spoken,
finally no more promises would be broken.

And with tears in our eyes, 
we just stared in silence at one another.

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