The undying love of Mr. Gosh

Mr. Gosh -- Lenore's would be boyfriend if she'd let him.

I've gotta friend whose name is Mr. Gosh,
Whilst not high in stature nor full of dosh.
A good kid whose got a good heart,
and that is where our story must start.

See he has a certain affliction - a word I heard before,
a deep affection for a cute lil dead girl named Lenore.

He's often mistreated,
though he's never retreated.

In leaps and bounds he returns for more,
like a love sick puppy so poor - mentally.

Whilst she bemoans him,
she then mows him down,
Oh Mr. Gosh you silly clown!

She spurns him then burns him
but this does not turn him.

piercing his delicate shell with a knife,
conjuring yet more trouble, more strife.

She sent you an invite to a false slumbers - party,
then she lumbers - you heartily.
With the burden of being next morns' breakfast,
but your love for her does hold steadfast!

For this wee lad's love is so true,
Mr. Gosh I salute you - for your passion, your emotion,
and your unfaltering devotion.

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