Fidel Villeneuve is a musician in a similar vein to Alec Empire and Bomb 20, but he goes far beyond their breed of noise terror: Fidel manages to combine humour with his non-stop onslaught of chopped-up, pain-inducing breakbeats that bust the speedgun at over 200 BPM. In fact in an interview he described his music as "rubbish jungle and hip hop kind of stuff. except maybe we put more fun into it. maybe we could call it fungle?"

Immediately after getting himself signed to the "Less Than Twenty" sub-label of DHR (Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore Recordings), Fidel came up with the goods with his debut album "kiLL Life!!!".

The album is a 35 minute burst of pure adrenaline that leaves you panting, sweating, afraid and amused in equal measure. Fidel's style is an incredible mixture of sped-up, distorted junglist breaks and obscure samples. The latter range from the Only Fools and Horses theme to Jamaicans spouting lines such as:

Just gotta say smoke di' ganja
It gimme a good sense of humour
(Lord ha' mercy)
And keep away from di' cancer
... and ...
Mash up, mash up,
All of the police (and)
Mash up, mash up,
All of the government
...and other stuff so fast and heavily accented that it is destined to stay a mystery.

In my neverending quest to always judge a book by its cover I fell deeply in love with this album before I even opened its case. The inlay is adorned with pornography (hardcore, geddit?) and has the following words on the back:

Les Dennis:
oh bugger... she gone and
fucked neil morrisey -
i'm so miserable
now! please
come back love,
if you give us a
feel i'll give
you the
money meself.

which, if you're not from the UK, will probably mean nothing to you, but rest assured - it's damn funny. You can check out his recent news and the usual crap on the DHR website ( and order the CD (MCD34) there too while you're at it.

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