A breakthrough album from Digital Hardcore virtuoso Alec Empire. The album consists of 20 tracks over 2 CDs. CD1 is, in spirit, a continuation of The Destroyer, Empire's previous album. CD2 contains work more along the lines of Alec's experimental albums of the Geist label. Empire describes the two CDs as such: "CD1 is like driving a fast car against a wall and crashing it, pure adrenaline, passion and aggression. CD2 is the inside of my mind, a trip through hell, my personal diary through a long dark phase in my life."

Alec's fellow Atari Teenage Riot member Nic Endo worked with Empire on much of CD1. In fact, she claims that she was more involved with this CD than with 60 Second Wipeout, her debut with the group.

  1. Path of Destruction
  2. Tear It Out
  3. The Ride
  4. Everything Starts With A Fuck
  5. Killing Machine
  6. Addicted to You
  7. Intelligence and Sacrifice
  8. Death Favours the Enemy
  9. Buried Alive
  10. ...And Never Be Found
  11. New World Order

  1. 2641998
  2. The Cat Woman of the Moon
  3. Two Turntables and a Moog
  4. Parallel Universe
  5. Vault Things of the Night
  6. Silence and Burning Ice
  7. Alec's Ladder
  8. Electric Bodyrock
  9. 2641998 (Reprise)

Some information from Digital Hardcore Recordings http://www.digitalhardcore.com

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