"Everything Jones
I got an Everything Jones..."

A jones that comes upon you whenever you're deprived of Everything, be it due to one's Big Room commitments or due to nate's burning down the source code. Seek professional help, or, for the cost-conscious, make copious use of your other addictions.

(Inspired by "Basketball Jones", Cheech and Chong's parody - or answer song, take your pick - of the soul music classic "Love Jones").

Sounds like some bad blaxploitation flick from the 1970s...

(cue funk guitar riff)

Everything Jones! Stickin' it to The Man! Watchin' out for his brother! And always keepin' an eye on the ladies!

And nodin' like a motha-- (Shut yo mouth!) I'm just talkin' about Everything Jones!

And we can dig it!

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