Stunningly beautiful Emmanuelle Béart is one of France's top international film stars. Although looks may have gotten her in the door, her talent is undeniable if not as obvious. She has had only a handful of American and British film appearances due to a preference for the French film aesthetic.


Emmanuelle Béart is the daughter of French singer and poet Guy Béart and Italian-Greek mother Geneviéve Galea. She was born in the small town of Gassin, but soon moved with her mother to a mountain village in Provence following her parents' divorce. She took an interest in acting from a young age and had her first role when she was seven years old.

When she was 15, she traveled to Montreal to work as an au pair and learn English. There she met director Robert Altman who wanted to work with her on an upcoming film, but nothing came of it. She returned to France and enrolled in drama school. After a few bland roles, she got her major breakthrough as the title character of Manon des Sources, the sequel to Jean de Florette.

Following this success she begun a prolific career in a variety of roles. In addition to acting she is also the ambassador for UNICEF and is a supporter of open immigration policy in France.


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