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E2 keeps me humble. Though I have often felt that the ability to write a coherent sentence set me apart, it's refreshing to see that others go above and beyond to actually be good writers. Of course I always knew good writers existed, but reading a dusty library book or a copy of the New Yorker doesn't convince me of an author's humanity. They are not peers in the sense that you are. You read my homenode, I read yours.

just nother nonymous noder
Tell me about your birthday.

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Do you ever wonder how many people are silently lurking? Who reads our writeups long after we've fled? I want E2 to be here forever, constantly changing, revealing context. I don't mourn my lost nodes, I only ask for one to mark my passage.

This homenode needs tons of actual content, I'll begin:

My various voting methods:
Flash Newbie audit.
Via Random Node.
Every single new writeup.
By following the last softlink in each node you visit.
Noder audit, of course!
Visiting nodes regarding things you recently discovered outside of E2.
Searching for interesting and poorly soflinked nodes via "Ignore Exact" checkbox
Wait til someone sends you a message then spend all the days votes on them.
et. cetera.

mAH pEEPS::::: AudieMcCallKissThissmilelokitdentrobwicksStrawberryFroggwmLennonExcalibreRainnStarrSick BoyHyphenatedGlowing FishkanoodleAshley PomeroyNoung

Let's Talk E2:
Share unusual experiences.
Document your knowledge.
Be read by other writers.
Spread the good word.
Improve your writing.

E2 remains a unique community concept. Newly fleeing noders mourn the loss of the old E2 every day. But the frontier has been settled. You can't continue drinking and shooting off your gun forever. Otherwise it's just a bunch of yahoos fightin' and drinkin'. Aside from a few in-jokes, E2 is the same as it ever was, just with more goodness. Six years is not a long time. E2 is yet young and fertile. These are the days of our future nostalgia, take advantage and plant your seeds.

About Me:
Mostly I write factuals. But I try to write creatively now and again, and when I do, my opinions are the first thing to rear their ugly heads. If for some unfathomable reason you want to plunge into the depths of my despair, see the following:

Space Filler:

             Economic Left/Right  -5.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian  -5.90
Ooo, compass shifting (April 10, 2007):
             Economic Left/Right  -5.38 
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian  -5.33 

information overload
Functional programming
Rainbow Gathering
No folly is more costly than the folly of intolerant idealism.
University of Minnesota
steam factory
Paul Wellstone
Lebanon Hills
The Farm
Margaret Cho
Ziff Davis Media
Garrison Keillor
Why web design is such a pain in the ass
We need political discourse
Wefunk Radio
Browser Wars
Current dearth of quality web browsers

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The Marty McKolskey Incident
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A message from sensei
/me misses Sensei
When Jet-Poop nuked guest user
Everything women respond to Webster 1913

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