The day I was born. Not a particularly special Sunday in Minnesota, temps in the low 70s, partly cloudy with no rain in sight.

First thing to turn up in a news search is a UFO spotting. Second thing is an obituary. Ah, but the third thing is interesting:

Jimmy Carter's Diary

The president's day starts at 8:30am at Camp David, Maryland. He places phone calls to representatives Norman Lent, John Murphy, Albert Gore, and Bob Gammage unsuccessfully. He then gets ahold of Walter Flowers for a quick 8-minute conversation.

After that his activities are undocumented until 9:57 when he goes to the Camp David theater with the First Lady, Amy Carter, and (friend of Amy) Jennifer McCabe. They are greeted by Lt. Commander Ralph Cugowski and Captain Grant McAlister and attend worship services.

At 10:40, the party returns to the Aspen Lodge and the President completes his 4 phone calls from earlier, in addition to Mickey Leland, Democratic Candidate for Congress from Texas. This is all that is known about him until 4:55, I know it's Sunday, but the President ought to be able to do more than 5 two-minute phone calls in 6 hours.

The Presidential family and friends hit the motorcade and cruise over to the helipad where they are airlifted to the south grounds of the White House. How convenient, I wish I could do that on Sunday evenings before football season starts.

By 6:30 the President has reviewed his notes, and begins a cabinet meeting about his upcoming speech on SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) and Africa. In attendance were Cyrus R. Vance, Secretary of State, Harold Brown, Secretary of Defense, Andrew Young, U.S. Representative to the United Nations, Adm. Stansfield Turner, Director of the CIA, Zbigniew Brzezinksi, Assistant for National Security Affairs, and the mysterious 'Assistant', Hamilton Jordan.

Then, at 8:17, just before I was born, the President returns to the Oval Office, finished up for the day, heads back up to the residence. Then at 9:21 he goes down for some bowling to celebrate my birth. His score(s) have not been recorded.

By 11:00pm Jimmy Carter is already in bed.

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