French novel from the author Marcel Pagnol.

Finished in 1962, the novel was originally named "L'Eau des collines" and has two distinct part; "Jean de Florette" and "Manon des sources".

It is the story of a hunchback, named Jean, who inherit of a piece of land in Provence. He decides to go live on his land with his familly and to become a farmer. His two neighbours, who have an eye on the land, block the water source for his land, and so Jean will have to carry water every day for his farm.

The first part of the novel (Jean de Florette) is about the struggle of life in an hostile environnement. The second part (Manon des sources) is about the daugther of Jean, named Manon, and is about crime and vengeance.

Marcel Pagnol also directed a movie based on his novel, with a not so good result. Claude Berri's version, made in 1985, is much better and you will also have the chance to see the beautifull Emmanuelle Béart in the role of Manon.

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