The evil enemy computer hacker in the game Impossible Mission for the Commodore 64. He is working to break a primary missile attack computer's launch codes and authorities believe that he will succeed in exactly six hours, at which point he will trigger a missile attack that will destroy the world.

Professor Elvin Atombender, while 1337 h4x0r and owner of several nasty, human-seeking robots, is also extremely absent-minded and frequently forgets the passwords for his security computer. His solution is to scatter them haphazardly around the house. If Special Agent 4125 doesn't find these passwords, Elvin will definitely succeed in his evil plot.

Age: 62
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Traits: Avoids people, hates animals, likes M&M's

In school, Elvin was good at math and hated sports. He spent all day on his computer. In college, he became obsessed with the computer game, "Giggling Penguin Invaders From Outer Space In The Vicinity Of Ursa Minor," likely because he hated penguins from Ursa Minor. The game's score counter went up to one hundred billion, and Elvin wanted to max that fucker out. After playing for several days without sleep, he had 99,999,999,785 points. He took aim at last penguin he needed... and the power went out. Elvin snapped. He would repay the world for the injustice it had dealt him.

"Another visitor! Stay a while... stay forever!"
"Destroy him, my robots."

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