Australian supermodel, supermum, actress, and West Australian tourism promoter(!).

6'2" (VERY tall), with the typical "bronzed Aussie" look, long straw/brown hair, very long legs and the nickname "The Body".

Appeared in a variety of swimsuit calendars, sports magazines, and even Australian Playboy, has over 6,000 websites associated with her name, and as many again with the word "nude" given with it, she is also a moderately talented actress. Appeared in "Sirens" with Kate Fischer, and has had a few other notoriously bad bit-parts.

Married to millionaire Arkie Bufon, has a son (hence supermum) whose name escapes me at the moment.

Runs her own extremely popular and successful lingerie line called "Elle MacPherson Intimates".

Last seen in Australia promoting the "rugged beauty of West Australia". Has since become the most successful and popular TV commercial series to date for WA.

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