Australian actress, model and spokeswoman for AIDS Charities.

6'2", a dominating height in for a woman in anyones language, with deep brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes and a very large, very white set of teeth.

Once engaged to Jamie Packer (son of millionare tycoon Kerry Packer).

Most famous role is "Sirens" alongside supermodel Elle MacPherson and (I think) Tara Banks. Put on 15kg for the role as a buxom wench living with an Australian artist, played by Aussie actor Sam Neil. Lost the 15 kg (and 10 kg more) later after her public breakup with Mr Packer (see above).

Most infamous TV role is hosting childrens cartoon show "What's up, doc?" in a role so extremely sexually degrading it brought the average age of viewers up from 8 to 22 because of her skimpy outfits and "dumb blonde" scripting attracting the older male.

Has since dragged her career out of the doldrums to be a successful proponent for AIDS research, a rolemodel for single women, and appeared in numerous TV commercials for, of all things, pasta sauce.

On a personal note, having met her at my house (visiting my brother who is her age) on a number of occasions, Kate has an amazing personality, a sparkling laugh and a keen and sharp-witted intellect.

Life may not have treated her especially well, but she will never be broken.

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