Elend is an Austro-French gothic band, formed in 1993 by composers and multi-instrumentalists Alexandre Hasnaoui and Renaud Tschirner.

Elend's work can best be described as very dark and oppressing symphonic music.


    Nathalie Barbary - Soprano
    Aude Feuillerat - Soprano
    Alexandre Hasnaoui - Screams and Vocals, Violin, Viola, Synths and Keyboard Orchestra
    Sebastien Roland - Keyboard, Sound-designer, Engineer
    Renaud Tschirner - Vocals, Electric Violin, Piano, Synths and Keyboard Orchestra
  • Leçons de Ténèbres (1994)
  • The Holy Bible (1995)
  • Les Ténèbres du Dehors (1996)
  • Weeping Night (1997)
  • The Umbersun (1998)

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