The Sins of Thy Beloved is a Norwegian atmospheric / gothic metal band. They formed in November 1996 by Glenn, Arild and Stig under the name Purgatory, but they changed it soon after to avoid name collisions with several other bands with that name.

Their style is something between classical and metal. Or maybe it's simply both. They are often compared to other gothic bands such as Tristania and Theatre of Tragedy. The music is very moody and melodic, and the lyrics leave you with a feeling that you have been told something deeply personal. The transitions between the metal parts and the classical parts are masterfully crafted, and the combination of dark growls and the soft, angelic female vocals is perfectly tailored to hit you right in the heart.


In 1997 they hooked up with the Italian label Nocturnal Records, and released the EP "All Alone". By then they had also recruited Anita, Ola and Ingfrid. In December that year, they ended their relationship with Nocturnal, due to "irreconcilable differences".

In early January 1998, Anders joined the team, and assisted in the production of the track "Silent Pain". Their talent didn't go unnoticed, and in March they had signed a contract with Napalm Records, and went on to work on their debut album, "Lake of Sorrow" which was released in August that year. During this period they also made contact with Pete Johansen, who played violin on the album. (Johansen has also played with another great Norwegian band, Tristania.) The band released their second album in May 2000, called "Perpetual Desolation".


Former members and guests:

  • Anders Thue (1996-2001); keyboards, piano
  • Anita Auglend (1996-2001); vocals
  • Hege Aanby (2001); vocals
  • Pete Johansen; guest violinist


For more information, pictures and audio samples, check out their official home page;

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