Some theories of the elements of the periodic table lead to the conclusion that there should be an "island" of more stable than usual heavy elements around atomic number 114. Some few atoms of element 114 have been produced experimentally, but not with the atomic mass that the theory predicts would lead to stability.

As a result of the theory, element 114 is the latest whiz-bang new plot element (no pun intended) for sci-fi TV shows and movies. It somehow powers the time machine in Seven Days, and, most ludicrously, in one episode they gave some to an ET to allow him to power his UFO by scraping a few slivers off a huge crystal of the stuff.

It has been created by shooting 48Calcium on 244Plutonium at the Russia's Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna. The element only has a temporary name: Ununquadium (latin for 1-1-4)
Nuclear Mass: 289
Half-life: 5 s (this is very long)

Decays to Element 112, Ununbium.

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