A reggae singer from Kingston, Jamaica. Born Ripton Joseph Hylton, his silly moniker stems from his love of horse racing. It seems he once bet consistantly on a horse called "Eek-A-Mouse" and the horse consistanly lost. When he gave up on the horse, the horse won. His friends teased him for this and nicknamed him Eek-A-Mouse.

He is known for an unusual vocal style of reggae called sing-jay, a combination of singing and DJing in which a singer uses his voice to create a number of percussive and nasal sound effects. He is also known for donning unusual stage costumes to create new personalities that reflect his songs or surroundings. Costumes include gladiator, pirate, jockey, Mexican bandit, and Chinese coolie, and at a show in Nottingham, England he came on stage as Robin Hood.

  • Wa Do Dem (1981
  • Skidip! (1982
  • Mouse and the Man (1983)
  • Mouseketeer (1984)
  • Assassinator (1984)
  • Live at Sunsplash (1985)
  • King and I (1985)
  • Very Best of (1987)
  • Eek-a-Nomics (1988)
  • Mouse-a-Mania (1988)
  • U-Neek (1991)
  • Black Cowboy (1996)
  • Ras Portraits (1997)

Source: http://www.angelfire.com/ak/eekamouse/index.html

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