Eek! the Cat was a short-lived cartoon that aired on Fox back in the early 90's. As far as I'm concerned, the first season of this show was the apex of my childhood TV watching. The main characters included:
  • Eek!, a warm-hearted, ill-fated, purple cat
  • Anabelle, Eek's enormous, pink girlfriend (also a cat)
  • Sharky the Sharkdog (who had a shark fin on the top of his head), Anabelle's pet dog who hates Eek!
  • Eek's family, consisting of a tall woman and her two disgusting children, all of whose names escape me at the moment
  • The Incredible Elmo the Elk, a dare-devil who does outrageous stunts to raise money for his little cousin Timmy
  • Mittens, a strung-out cat who belongs to a senile and blind(?) old woman
In addition to being funny and generally cool, the show also had a bad-ass theme song, complete with guitar shredding that's just as impressive as anything I've heard out of Yngwie Malmsteen.

Ah, yes, it was also directed by Savage Steve Holland.

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