An ancient and now-defunct website that once resided at Spinnwebe. Family Circus cartoons were scanned and posted without the captions, and visitors were allowed to submit their own captions. Captions that were sufficiently funny were posted beneath the comics. The people who perpetrated the fake reviews of Bil Keane's books on were regulars of the DFC.

The DFC was shut down in October of 1999 after Bil Keane and King Features Syndicate got wind of the site and initiated legal threats against Spinnwebe's operator, Greg Galick. Although Galick had a case for the legitimacy of his site under the laws of parody, he took the site down on his own decision after receiving a telephone call from Keane himself, in which Keane told him that he didn't appreciate having his work mocked. After the 500th comic was captioned, the site was shut down.

The spirit of the site lives on in It's A Dysfunctional Life, a similar operation, also done on Spinnwebe, except with user-submitted digital camera pictures instead of proprietary art.

Although it's no deCSS, you can probably still find archived copies of the DFC on the web, if you know where to look.

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