by our Showbiz Correspondent Vadge Wankworth

Everything2 was thrown into chaos today when the editors and gods went on strike to complain about their treatment. They have threatened industrial action before, but nobody listened, despite repeated /msg's.

The strike is only about 6 hours old, but already the effects are disastrous. Nuke requests have been piling up, spelling and grammar errors are rampant, trolls are thriving, and the unsupervised EDB has gone on a rampage.

"It's time to take a stand," said a defiant fictional editor, from the roof. "Sometimes I work 40-hour shifts without a break - user safety is at risk." The interview was cut short when he ran off to throw roof tiles at scabs crossing the picket line.

When we spoke to Dirk McFuckly of the EBKLU (E2, Burger King & Lumberjacks' Union), he was unrepentant at the trouble the strike was causing: "I realise this is inconvenient for users, but they have to understand that we're doing it for them. Do you want to buy some pegs?"

The strikers' demands are:

Unless their demands are met, they say the strike will continue indefinitely. Rumours that E2 has been sold off to BMW have turned out to be false.

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