What is Everything2? You tell me.

In the upper left corner of the front page, tucked discreetly beneath Welcome to Everything, there is a brief description of what we do here. It looks like this:

Everything2 is a collection of user-submitted writings about, well, pretty much everything. Use the search box or follow the links to explore, or click here to learn how you can contribute.

It's serviceable, but I think we can do better, don't you?1 Pithy statements about who we are and what we do are something of a tradition 'round these parts. We all have one. You show me yours and I'll show you mine. From now until the end of October, you are invited to submit your suggestions for a new tagline. The results will be assembled below to prepare the way for STAGE TWO, wherein we'll canvas the userbase to select the best of the bunch. Then we'll either permanently install the favorite in the place of honor or use a minimalist static blurb followed by a rotating cast of the most well-liked suggestions.

Be brief. Be funny. Be informative. Be /msging me. Multiple submissions very yes.


  • Share and enjoy.
  • Everything2, it's sort of like a big bus... or a boat.
  • Literary Karaoke
  • Everything2: Writing everything about everything.
The Custodian
  • E2: A Pointed View of Neutrals.
  • Tune in, turn on, time out.
  • Defying definition since 1999
  • Different reading. Different writing.
  • E2: Stuff kinda happens Y'know?
  • Everything2: A Internet simulation of your favorite place in the library to sit and read.
  • Everything2: 420 WRITE WORDS ERRY DAY
  • Everything2: Youse gonna node if you knows whats good for ya, see?
  • Everything2 has thousands of factual and fictional written works on almost every subject. You might be interested in writing here, too.
  • E2: shitty design, crappy interface, but the best fucking writing you assholes will ever read.
  • Everything2 is an Organic Content Farm enriched with uncontaminated fertilizer.
  • MMORG ISO Magister Ludi for our own Glass Bead Game.
  • E2, Brute?
  • Everything2: Wikipedia's weird cousin/older brother.
  • Hello, we are Everything2, what's your name?
  • Read. Write. Create.
  • Everything2.com! Our fiction is more entertaining than Wikipedia's.
  • Everything2.com! Like Facebook, but with Mexicorn.
  • Everything2.com! You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  • Everything2.com! You will never find a more wretched hive of ponies and buttercups.
  • Everything2.com! Like Twitter, but with cake recipes.
  • Everything2.com! The blood, my God, the blood!
  • Everything2.com! Please try to make more sense than our blurbs.
  • Everything2.com has baked you a pie! (Do not eat it.)
  • Everything2.com! Find the secret Wil Wheaton account and win $25,000!
  • Everything2.com! That's the look, that's the look. THE LOOK OF LOVE.
  • Everything2.com once ate ten pounds of cabbage!
  • Everything2: read, think, write and receive feedback. Rewind. Repeat.
  • Everything2: Open mouth. Insert foot. Get downvoted. Sulk. Consider learning something. Rewind. Repeat.
  • Writing is only the beginning.
  • Everything2: The exact opposite of Twitter! #omgfacts
  • Everything2: Every definition is wrong, especially the one everyone agrees upon.
  • Everything2: Don't know where this "writers' site" crap came from but it sure as hell isn't in the prospectus.
  • Everything2: A group blog with no inherent ordering crossed with a role-playing game and a chat room
  • We prefer "colorful" points of view.
  • An argument to contain all arguments on all subjects.
  • This is a website on the internet
  • Look, some of the stuff here isn't true, okay?
  • Words arranged in interesting ways
  • Remove lid. Add water to fill line. Replace lid. Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. Let cool for 3 minutes.
  • Connecting ideas and people.
  • Putting the consummate 'v's in savvy
  • An edited collection of writing about anything.
raincomplex sam512
  • Read. Write.
  • the world's coolest text
Serjeant's Muse TenMinJoe
  • Read with us. Write for us.
  • Everything2: the write stuff.
  • Everything2: we write wrongs.
  • Everything2: write in the corner of the Internet.
  • Everything2: *insert "write/right" pun here*
  • Read, write, enjoy.

1 <Simulacron3> A writer's site that cannot produce an effective blurb. Yeah.