1 large pack or bar dark cooking/melting chocolate(s)
1 milky bar or other white chocolate
2oz dark-roast coffee beans
Greaseproof paper

  1. Melt chocolate in a microwave or bain-marie.
  2. Coarsely grind coffee beans. Tip immediately into melted chocolate, mix until fully covered.
  3. Pour chocolate/coffee mixture onto greaseproof paper and spread thinly with a spoon.
  4. Allow to harden.
  5. Melt milky bar, and drizzle over dark chocolate
  6. Once the white chocolate has set, peel away paper and break the big slab of yumminess up into bite-sized pieces.
This is very intensely flavoured, decadent chocolate - makes a great gift, or to finish an indulgent dinner party. It's actually a stronger coffee taste than covered beans, as the grinding releases the flavour and distributes it through the chocolate.

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