dZihan (gee-hahn) and Kamien (kammy-en) combine layers of Eastern strings, vocals and samples with modern Western percussion and electronica. Throw in a little jazz piano, Indian tablas, trip hop, and any other musical influence you can come up with and you end up with amazingly listenable tracks with a unique sound.

Vlado Dzihan, originally from Sarajevo, met up with Mario Kamien while studying music in Vienna (the city that also brought us Kruder and Dorfmeister). Kamien had come to Vienna from Switzerland, though his parents are Italian and German with Polish roots. Their first released single "Der Bauch" came out in 1996 under their original alias MC Sultan. They later released "Freaks and Icons" as dZihan and Kamien under their own label Couch Records, and it sold out almost immediately. The album was later picked up and released in North America by Six Degrees Records.

dZihan and Kamien can be seen touring extensively as DJs, and are hoping to tour more with a full band to perform their own music live.

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