MC Sultan is an electronica group out of Vienna featuring the two musicians who went on to become Dzihan and Kamien. The music is similar to their more recent stuff - mixing hip hop, funk, jazz, and various ethnic instruments and vocals from all over the world. The most obvious difference being that MC Sultan tracks are more vocally oriented. Tracks feature, for example, an African emcee rapping in Swahili, a Turkish singer, as well as vocals in German and Italian. As MC Sultan, Dzihan and Kamien are joined by Daddy D, Özden Öksüz, Paul Schneider, Stefan Wessel, and Metin Yilmaz on various tracks and albums.


1998 - Super Ethno Astronaut
1998 - V/A - The Eclectic Sound of Vienna 2
1997 - Jewel of the Day
1996 - Grooveorientiert
1995 - Listen

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