"The Herbaliser" are a London born band that formed in 1992, comprising of Jake Wherry, dj Ollie Teeba, “Lamb”, “Ross” (aka 'the easy access orchestra'), Chris Bowden, Matt Coleman, “Moody” and “Dawes”. They emerged in 1995 with their lp “remedies”. Originating from the UK, they have collaborated with the likes of US rappers, Raaka Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) and MF Doom (formerly of KMD), UK's Blade, singer Seaming To, Wildflower, Princess Superstar and Gorillaz member Phi Life Cypher.

From the Herbaliser Website http:/www.herbaliser.com/band.shtml we ask,

What do they sound like?

"for those having never been to a herbaliser show, it is a 'live' representation of the instrumental cuts from their lps."


Something Wicked This Way Comes (their latest release)
Good Girl Gone Bad
Session One
8 Point Agenda
The Missing Suitcase
Very Mercenary
Road of Many Signs
Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks
The Blend
Blow Your Headphones
New & Improved / Control Center
Repetative/Scratchy Noise
The Real Killer / Blow it

Thanks to decimetre for the additions, who says, "They are largely instrumental."

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