Couch Records is a record label originally created in 1998 by Dzihan and Kamien in Vienna to release their own albums. They have since added Cay Taylan, another Viennese musician and DJ to their lineup. North American distribution for Couch Records is handled by Six Degrees Records in the United States.

The label also sponsors Couch Night in Vienna - "an exchange of musical portfolios amongst ourselves and some of our highly appreciated colleagues."

Release list as of October 4, 2002:

Dzihan and Kamien - Code: No Pork Release - October, 1998
Dzihan and Kamien - (B)efore (A)fter - September, 1999
Dzihan and Kamien - Tearoom 2004 - October, 1999
Dzihan and Kamien - Freaks & Icons - January, 2000
Dzihan and Kamien - (B)efore (A)fter Remixes - June, 2000
Dzihan and Kamien - Refreaked - February, 2001
Cay Taylan - Love: Green - September, 2001
Cay Taylan - Rebirth of Senor Buzz - May, 2002
Dzihan and Kamien - Stiff Jazz/Ford Transit - June, 2002
Dzihan and Kamien - Stiff Jazz/Ford Transit Remixes - September, 2002
Dzihan and Kamien - Gran Riserua - October, 2002

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