The modern day crown is fashioned from broken forty bottles, and Prince Charming's sword is a hand rolled cigarette.
These days, Cinderella doesn't sleep much, she passes out, or just crashes on a strangers couch in her beer stained blouse.
No elegant gown.
No shimmering crown.
Prince Charming uses force, and Cinderella says "Fuck" and your neighborhood pusher can't work magic, but suddenly he's the fairy-god-mother.
But in the modern Cinderella stories, not even restraining orders can keep the evil step sisters at bay.

The original title for this was "Today is Heaven" but I think for the purpose of noding and E2, "Drunk and Beautiful" is a better title. I wrote this about a friend of mine named Katie, who recently dropped out of school and moved out of her house.
Within about three months, she has changed from a beautiful, enjoyable young woman, to a dirty little slut.
It kills me to see her sleeping with a guy just because she needs a place to sleep. I hate how she hasn't eaten in two days, and smokes bowls for breakfast, and how if she gets money, it goes towards beer or Ketamine (which is getting very popular in my town).
I wrote this for her, because she still is a good person, and she is still beautiful in my eyes, she's just misdirected, she thinks she's free, but she's becoming a slave to some kind of unspoken archetype for a modern day Drunken Cinderella.

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