Dropout's Theorem are a Hull pop-punk (and sometimes ska) band. At the moment they consist of five members but since they started people have left, joined and rejoined.

Dropout's started in the summer of 2002 when band members Mark and Luke decided that Ska was ace and Hull did infact need a Ska band. They had both just recently left failed bands and so decided to mix the talent from the two. They got to togther with four other friends and decided on the name - Dropout's Theorem.

The name actually came from a song written by David Lane, who was soon to become a huge part of Dropout's. From what I can gather Laney wrote this song whilst in a Physics lesson, not understanding and not caring much either. When he found out that his good friends Mark and Luke were indeed starting a band he told them they should use that name, it was catchy and he would be famous - well, sort of anyway.

The first line-up of the band was: Mark, Luke, Tom, Andy, Fenno and 'the other Tom'. After a couple of weeks, beers and guttermouth covers later 'the other Tom' and Fenno, sadly, decided to leave. This left the band as a neat four piece. They got gigs, wrote songs and caused havok in Anlaby community centre. The best thing they did though was get good. They learnt their songs and got a good ten-song-set going on. They were - almost - perfect. All that was needed for this band was stage presence and then, a couple of months later, they got it.

Up until recently the band stayed as a four piece - with Mark on bass or the 'Master' as they sometimes call him, Luke as the guitarist, Tom drumming away and Andy on the vocals. Then in June 2003 Laney asked to join the band as their second guitarist and singer and so he did 'cause all the other members thought that would be a good idea.

David - or Laney as everyone calls him - played his first gig on the 30 July 2003 and everyone said that he gave the band some form of stage presence. The band had always been quiet, with no movement and no facial expressions but with the arrival of Laney they have become one hell of a pop-punk band (although, they would hate to be called pop-punk).

Mark, Luke and Tom all went to school together and are all currently 16, Andy is in the year below them which makes him 15 and Laney is 19. Andy was previously in a band with Luke and when Dropout's needed a singer he jumped at the chance to work with some of his old pals because he hoped they could become sucessful. Laney was also good friends with Luke and also Mark - he was known to them through various siblings, friends and other bands. So now the band has finally found its feet with where they want to go and who they want too be.

The band only play their own songs now after various diasterous attempts to try and cover African-Ska band Fuzigish and guttermouth they decided to do what they did best: perform their own, personally written songs. Their songs are manly about things that the band love, hate and mirror in their own private lives. The lyrics are catchy, sometimes cheesy but very much something that people can relate to and often sing too aswell. One of their more famous songs along their Hull route is 'Monkey Juice'. This was one of Dropout's first hand written songs, Laney and I believe Luke wrote it together. That is one thing I forgot to mention - the whole band have this thing for monkeys. I thought it was weird at first but now I find it normal, that's just how they are.

Here is a little taster of 'Monkey Juice' for you, for all you monkey-loving-freaks out there!

You make my life feel so complete
I think it's just the way you eat
You love nuts and I do too
I'm gonna break you out the zoo

I love the way you've got hands for feet
I'll feed you what you like, peanuts for treat
You confuse me cause you smile when you're mad
Is that to do with your Silver-Back Dad?

Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey We Love You!
Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Yes we DO! (x2)

So that is pretty much all you need to know about Dropout's but don't worry I'll keep you updated on what the troublesome teens are upto at regular intervals!

With help from:

  • Various band members, their sibling, friends and my own knowledge.
  • http://dropouts.buffcore.com
  • http://hullpunk.cjb.net

    Sadly, the band have now decided to split and will play their last gig on Sunday 05 October 2003 at Adelphi, Hull. I'm not really sure of the reasons for their split... I think it is mainly because they have fizzled out and band members have become bored. Like many bands do.

    The band have only been on the go just over a year but have managed to play some pretty good gigs so at least this last year has not been for nothing - it has been pretty worthwhile I would say. You will see Mark, Luke and Laney in a new 'Hardcore' punk band called 'Die For', whatever that means :P I have also heard that Andy will be another band and as for Tom he will be morning and knitting? I'm not quite sure what that is about, you'd better ask him!

    I can safely say that at least they have made a good old go at it and I honestly think that if they had kept at it they could have gone somewhere, shame really. But for now, I would like to shed a tear for Dropout's and good old 'Monkey juice,' oh how I will miss that song.

    DROPOUT'S THEOREM - Summer 2002 to Autumn 2003.

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