Drempels, aside from being the German word for "speed bump", is also an amazing program for Win32 computers written by Ryan Geiss, and available for free download from his website. The more mundane function of the program is as a screensaver, but it shines when used for its other purpose. Run in its desktop mode, Drempels uses the FourCC function of DirectX to replace the desktop's background with moving textures. The algorithms in the program stretch, shift, zoom in and out, and otherwise warp the textures to acheive an effect that is nothing short of amazing.

When viewed by a user not suffering from underlying vertigo, Drempels is mesmerizing. The smooth interplay of the shifting textures, seamlessly faded from one to the next randomly can hypnotize you into staring at your screen for hours. There are some ways to optimize use of the program:

The site also has links to a support forum and a comments forum. If you can't get it working, there will probably be someone who has already solved the problem. Anyone interested should try this program, you will not be disappointed.


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