I was sitting on the bed in the bedroom, using my husband’s laptop (that hasn’t actually been connected to the net since we moved). I could hear the shower running in the next room. I was noding. I had come up with the most brilliant idea for a node. Something no one else had written about -- something upon which I was the ultimate authority. The node was fabulous. It was my first node and I was getting C!’s and lots of upvotes. But then it disappeared and I got that message saying an editor had deleted it. So, I re-edited the node, cut out the parts I thought I could live without, added to the weaker parts. Perfection! I posted the node again in its new and improved form, and the same thing happened again. Tons of upvotes, then the node was deleted. This cycle repeated itself several times, and then I woke up.

What an odd thing to dream about – and I’ve only been here a few days!
(I bought an entire case of Bawls the other day, so any dreams I've been having as of late are purely inadvertant. That said, my previous WU reveals the state of mind that has been influencing most of my dreams as of late. Anyhow, here's what happened during my mid-day dream (I needed to catch a shot nap, having been able to sleep very little at all during the past week):

I was going back to Pennsylvania--from my new home in Indiana--to visit my old friend Kyle at Washington & Jefferson College. He's the same one mentioned in another previous WU, which I mention in case I have some kind of cult following on E2 that I don't know about. Anyhow, it should have been about an eight-hour drive (it's just a full day's drive away), but I somehow got there in just under five. Making great time, I thought. This was the first tip-off that I was dreaming. I was also headed back unannounced, so I could surprise all of my old chums.

For some reason, however, I left soon after I arrived, in order to go to my old home. This was the second clue that I was dreaming--in real life I would never cut short a visit to my friends to see my family. Anyway, on the way home, I stopped a few miles before my house to fill my gas tank at a Sheetz Convenience Store. Apparently, I was not intending to stay at home too long, which made me think this was all real. While I was returning to my car from paying for the gas, my dad pulled up (for gas as well? I don't know; he may have just been there to get some Skoal). I immediately hid my cigarettes (see previous Dream Log for explanation), and, crisis averted, headed to my parents' house.

When I got to the house, my whole family was waiting for my sister to return from her recent trip to Germany. This was clue no. 3 that I was dreaming. In real life, my sister would never travel to anywhere with culture if there weren't roller coasters involved0. And not the good, old-fashioned wooden roller coasters, either; she wouldn't know fun if it bit her in the ass. Plus, she doesn't even have a passport. For some reason, she was returning to Pennsylvania from Germany by way of Ohio; I guess she had to get a connecting flight. While the rest of my family tried desperately to explain to my grandparents that her new digital camera (real-life red herring no. 2: she actually has a digicam) wouldn't need to be taken in to get the film developed, I went outside to call Kyle on my cellphone. Dream Clue no. 4: I do not have a cellphone, and never shall. Cellphone people piss me off. I wanted do discuss going to Pechin Shopping Village, which Kyle and I used to frequent. I didn't want to go for the insanely cheap hamburgers, however, I just wanted to get away from my family so I could smoke. (Pechin's has a no-smoking policy in the cafeteria, but I was fully aware of that fact.)

For some reason, I placed the call to Kyle's home, rather than his dorm phone number (where he'd be to actually pick up the phone). Naturally, he wasn't home, so his mother answered the phone. She insisted that I was not artoodeetoo (the inescapable nickname which even my friends' parents know me by), but was either "Jen" or "Dawn". This was quite irritating, since I was trying to establish myself--unsuccessfully--to people I have actually met before--as the non-female personage that I have always been. Unable to get ahold of Kyle, I returned to the house, where the filmless aspect of my sister's new digital camera was still eluding my grandparents. At that point, everything went fuzzy and I awoke.

After I woke up, I realised that I had overslept for an hour and a half. Unfortunately, I had a meeting to get to, which meant that I had to fly my car across town (by "fly" I mean drive at speeds that prevent my tires from contacting what little "pavement" we have here) to get there on time. 0. Not that I'm claiming there are no roller coasters in Germany; I'm sure there is at least one (I've never been there; I'm just guessing). I just meant that she'd only take a trip specifically to go to an amusement park (as every trip out of state that she's ever made has been for), but she's too low-brow to even appreciate that.

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